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TaylorMade M1 Driver

With the release of its new M1 driver, TaylorMade thinks it has made another significant stride in driver technology - and with that familiar name re-instituted. The crown of the new M1 is carbon composite and weighs 10 grams. Todd Beach, TaylorMade's vice president of research and design for metalwoods, said that is about half the weight of the company's titanium crowns. This created 10 grams of discretionary weight that Beach and his team redistributed to drastically lower the club's center of gravity (CG).

There are two tracks in the sole of the 45½-inch M1, one from heel to toe and another from the front of the club to the back. The M1 comes with an adjustable hosel system that lets players increase or decrease the driver's stated loft by up to 2 degrees. The driver also is available in two head sizes, 460cc and 430cc. And the M1 driver is thought to be the longest driver that TaylorMade has ever made. The M1 has a multi-material construction - featuring an ultra-thin, ultra-light and high-strength carbon composite crown - that unlocks breakthroughs in distance, playability, and feel for all golfers

M1 features the revolutionary T-Track System that consists of both a Front and back track with 25 grams of adjustable weight. Front Track:  One - 15 gram weights to provide multiple draw, neutral and fade settings. Back Track:  One - 10 gram weight adjusts for multiple high, medium and low launch and spin settings. The revolutionary T-Track System gives golfers the option to personalize their M1 to their exact specifications, leading to optimal performance and distance to fit their swing.

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