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Both the Ping G25 3 & the 5 look, feel, sound, and most importantly, perform beyond your expectations for a fairway wood…and they're sexy, like, downright gorgeous to look at.

Clean contact, high launch and greater distance from most any lie is what PING promises with the G25 fairway woods.  A low profile design with weight at the back combines with the thinnest face of any PING fairway wood to engineer efficient energy transfer for faster ball speeds and more distance.  Versatility, confidence, and forgiveness on mishits are what these fairway woods aim to offer.

Ping G25 Fairway Wood Specs

An external sole weight helps push the CG lower and farther back for high launch and more forgiveness on off-center shots. Also, the thin clubface—the thinnest ever for a Ping fairway wood—is thicker in the center and thinner toward the perimeter, which improves energy transfer at impact and increases ball speed.

So easy to launch, it feels like I'm cheating somehow.  Both the 3 and the 5 woods were especially easy to hit off the deck, and I would feel very comfortable using them in a variety of lies and situations.  If you're looking for a ‘user friendly' fairway wood to help you get the ball up and out in a hurry, look no further.  Mishits, shots hit towards the bottom of the face, it doesn't matter, the G25 is forgiving enough to consistently give you that high launch.

I don't hit my 3 off the tee very often, but I will certainly consider giving the G25 a go more frequently.  The slightly larger face gave me the visual confidence that I could use this in lieu of a driver if the conditions called for it.  Even when my shots were struck low on the face, the ball carried and flew as if I squared it up.

Ping G25 Fairway Wood

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