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The Ping G25 irons are difficult to put into a specific handicap category. Previously the G range of Ping irons were easily badged as mid to high handicap irons for keen golfers who needed a bit more forgiveness. However with the G25 irons, Ping say that they are for players of all abilities and we have to agree with them.
Ping G25 Irons Specs

The 17-4 stainless-steel clubhead features progressive sole widths that help optimize the CG location for better distance-gapping between irons. The custom tuning port has been positioned directly in line with the impact area to save weight and increase the MOI.

Visually there has been some good improvements as the top line and sole are thinner than the G20 irons, which had got a little bloated. There is also a slight camber grind on the back of the sole to create some relief. It is barely noticeable but it does a good job of improving the flow of the club through the turf.

The G25 head is still the same generous oversized design which makes the i20 irons seem tiny by comparison. The size of the G25s are back where there G10 and G15 irons were and this is a major improvement. The offset is still there, but it gradually reduces as you go down through the set so from the 7-iron downard it looks like a better player iron in that regard.

However it is when you hit them that the claim of being for all players hits home. The feel is fantastic and is almost like a forged iron thanks to the new vibration dampening medallion on the back of the face. Right through the set, especially the mid to long irons, the feedback is excellent right across that large face and best of all it comes with masses of forgiveness if you need it. Hard to believe this all comes from a cast cavity back iron.

The trajectory is also very good and penetrating and the lower Custom Tuning Port unit and stablity bars really help to increase the rigidity at impact as well as providing that lovely feel. The face feels lively enough without being too bouncy and when we find ourselves hitting irons for the joy of striking them in our testing we know that the G25 irons will be a winner.

It may be hard to believe the Ping G25 irons are for everyone, especially low handicaps, but it is the combination of loads of forgiveness with great feel, flight and better looks that makes this possible. Some low handicaps may not be used to the greater levels of offset on the longer irons that most other better player irons, but they will love the ease of playing them.

There are a lot of models in the distance performance category now and we think the Ping G25 irons are right at the top when it comes to the best irons of 2014.

Ping G25 Irons

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