Titleist Vokey SM4 Wedge

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Vokey Design wedges have been the most played wedges on the PGA Tour since 2004 for good reason. They produce more spin and control due entirely to CNC machine cut faces and re-engineered grooves with tighter scoreline spacing. Master craftsman Bob Vokey has refined and re-engineered the entire spin milled process with the introduction of the new SM4 wedges.

Why spin milled you might ask? Well, the Rules of Golf allow for surface roughness within the impact area of a golf club. Parameters set forth by the appropriate governing body dictate the maximum allowable roughness across a specified surface area as well as the maximum allowable depth of any markings. When compared against alternative milling processes, spin milled wedges have approximately three times the roughness across the specified surface area with similar milling depths. In Titleist R&D testing, this equates to 22% more spin on partial wedge shots using Spin Milled wedges.

Titleist Vokey SM4 Wedge

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